Website Advertising Proposal

1. Home Page – There will be a single place-holder (size 1000 x 200 pixels) containing 6 ads when a user visits this page he will see one of the 6 ads selected randomly by the system. Thereafter, while the user is still on the page and ad will keep changing from on to another automatically after showing from 5 seconds. Hence after 25 seconds, the cycle will be completed and user will again see the first ad.

Cost: Rs. 5,000 for 3 months (per 5 second slot) 5000 x 3 Qtrs x 5 ads = Rs. 75,000

2. Inner Pages – There will be 2 ads per page (Size: 255 pixels wide x 300 pixels high) appearing on the right most column. When a user clicks on any link on the home page and views on the inner pages, the system will randomly show two ads. Thereafter, when the user visits another inner page, the next two ads will be displayed. We can have 20 ads spanning 10 pages. Hence on the 11th page, the cycle will be complete and the user will again see the first two ads.

Cost: Rs. 5,000 for 3 months (per advertisement) 5,000 x 3 Qtrs x 20 Members = Rs. 30,000/-

3. Profile Pages – Presently one page has been provided to every active member giving profile of the organization, contact details etc. On the page, the member could multiply the ads on his own organization on the right most columns. All the ads will be 255 pixels wide and the sum total of all height of all the ads will not be more than 600 pixels. Hence the member may put one ad which is 600 pixels high or 2 ads which are 300 pixels high each.

Cost: Rs. 5,000 for 3 months x 3 Qtrs x 20 Members = Rs. 3,00,000/-

Note: Taxes as applicable.

Format: .jpg / .png / .gif
Size: 300 kb max
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I would like to take a moment to congratulate each of the ICBP members for such a wonderful job they did during the convention. I have heard nothing but praise from all who attended the conference. The presenters were well prepared and the sessions were well attended. Everyone felt that you did a superb job organizing this event, selecting thought-provoking topics and even the hospitality was far beyond our expectation. Congratulations on both a successful and a memorable conference. You have set a new standard for conference planners.

Thanks for making the conference so worthwhile.

Ram Pravesh
Director, Pravesh Cruising & Shipping Training Institute

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