Benefits for Observers

The members of ICPB give opportunity to individuals as well as to company to increase their efficiency by continuous improvement with training & learning. Gives them opportunities to compete and increase their market share in India and Globally.

As a member, one can get the below benefits & share his input in the development of Indian MICE industry:

Govt. Assistance.

  • The Member is entitled to MDA (Marketing Development Assistance), as per the terms and conditions of Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India,

Marketing of your company and services within India and GLOBALLY

  • Domestic and International marketing of the members through Road shows / various Trade fairs, exhibitions / events, organized or participated by Bureau.
  • ICPB organizes Road shows in India and also abroad, event calendar for current year is available at Bureau and can be provided on request.
  • Develop business through buyer – seller meets
  • ICPB PARTICIPATES in International Exhibitions and introduce all the members internationally. Your company presence is introduced globally to potential customers. The list of the Exhibitions for current year is available with Bureau.
  • Printing of Membership directory with all the information of your company and circulate to potential customers.
  • Information of your company with contact at ICPB’s website

Financial assistance & MDA

  • Support for MDA (Marketing Development Assistance) is allowed to the Members of ICPB ONLY.
  • Facilitates and supports events planners and other related organization during the bidding process for International conferences.
  • Participation of member companies in ICPB’s signature event CIC at discounted rate as compare to non member company.

Market Research

  • Assist members to provide current data of the market, as available on time to time from Ministry and other resources.
  • Undertakes research studies for betterment of the Trade & provide to Members
  • Access to publications and reports on a wide range of subjects.
  • It gives a platform to meet global business and political leaders.
  • Organizes training programmes, conferences / events and meeting where Industry experts are available to share current date / information and trends.

Training & development of executives

  • ICPB helps members by providing Training programmes.
  • It certifications programme develops of various entry levels helps individual to grow and gain knowledge from Trade & Industry Experts.

Business Services & Networking

  • ICPB organizes meetings of the members to encourage networking between members and meet new business customers.
  • ICPB organizes CIC every year where, it brings potential buyers, giving chances to members to increase their business.
  • It gives a platform to meet global business organizations, experts from Trade and political leaders.

Your participation in Policy Work

  • ICPB is the nodal agency of Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India and provides feedback of the Trade which helps Govt. to form policies.
  • Members feedback is scrutinized and sent to ministry for betterment of the Trade.
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Dear Team, I would like to deeply thank you for this professional organization. Congratulations for this amazing show. I did have a fruitful interaction with the suppliers indeed. I was impressed by the destination of Kolkata. So many concepts are possible in Incredible India. Even if my soul is still in India, my brain is working to bring some groups to fascinating and captivating India. Looking forward to cooperating with you soon.: 1st September 2018
I am doing my best to be a good ambassador of Incredible India to my VIP customers. I have sent 3 luxury events and 2 VIP leisure groups in 2018 so 5 groups between September and end of December; 4 more to come in 2019 as of today. : 2nd February 2019

Anne CANDY, Luxperience

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