First Interactive of ICPB amongst members held on Tuesday, the 23rd February 2016 at 4.00 in Family Room at Hotel Hyatt Regency, Ring Road, Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi -110066.

Meeting was presided-over by Mr. Suman Billa, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India.

At the outset, Mr. Amaresh Tiwari Secretary – ICPB welcomed the members present and highlighted achievements of the Bureau, and also the current scenario of MICE Industry in the Country. He also brief the objective of the Interactive Meetings of ICPB and also the agenda for the meeting to have more and more members’ participation and future activities of ICPB.

Further he requested Mr. Chander Mansharamani, Vice Chairman ICPB to give his presentation on future activities of ICPB. A copy of the presentation presented during the meeting is attached for your information please.

Mr. Chander Mansharamani, Vice Chairman presented the vision documents / presentation in detail.

After the presentation, Secretary ICPB requested Mr. Suman Billa, Joint Secretary Tourism to share his views with members. The key points of discussion as suggested by the Joint Secretary (Tourism) are as under:

Chairman stated that in today’s time as MICE is a strong product in the World Market and hence this is a great need for India also. He further informed that as MICE depend on Infrastructure as we should make efforts to enhance the object for MICE component. Development of Infrastructure for MICE Promotion to be consider under the guidelines to maintaining the Eco systems. This would strengthen the future Road Map of ICPB. He said that we all should play the role to fill the gap between demand and supply in regard to MICE. He also informed that India is in process to fill the gap between demand and supply for the world.

He also said that India is a big country and to showcase India’s MICE Destination there is an urgent need for city and destination Bureau’s or chapters. ICPB may plan to consider opining chapters in the different MICE Cities / destinations in the country.

To generate the MICE Tourism towards India, members should grab the opportunities. He said that God help those who help themselves.

ICPB should take forward step and may be the parents, mother organisation for MICE in India.
He assured members that based on the presentation screened for MICE Promotion in India, Ministry may also consider for corpus funds for MICE promotion, he said, but of course as God help those who help themselves, ICPB should strengthen them to get the help from the Ministry and States.
He informed that the ministry of tourism spends a huge amount (330 cr.) on tourism and the share of the amount may be utilised for the MICE Event.

Based on the presentation, he suggested that Incredible India is a brand image of Tourism India further extension to this and Ministry may consider unique branding for MICE Tourism in India.
Further based on the presentation he informed that Ministry may consider for advertisement campaign for MICE segment.

Finally he winded up by saying that the presentation to be mailed to all the members of ICPB for their information and suggestions. The same may take it to the next meeting. Based on the observation ICPB may proceed further for vision 2018. He also said that ICPB should strengthen its membership as with 100 members ICPB may not be claimant to get prima position. We should look at that very strongly.

He asked for question for question and answer session of 30 minutes from members. Mr. Saurabh Bhargave asked the members present to ask their questions : The details of the question and answer sessions are as under :

Capt Swadesh Kumar (Shikhar Travels (India) Pvt. Ltd. – Past Vice Chairman ICPB informed that the presentation / vision document covers almost all the points raised by the earlier governing board for the growth of MICE such as such as Advertisement in Medical Journals, MDA Grant, request for conference visa Conference Visa. He also suggested having funds for conference Industry. He stated that Ministry may consider ICPB to be the nodal agency for conference visa or routed through ICPB.

Chairman stated that it is good suggestion. He further informed that Ministry has received proposal from ICPB for Media Plan, and Ministry may consider spending on ICPB advertisement in all the medical journals. As regards, conference visa Chairman stated that Ministry is in process to streamlining different visas. He informed that mountaineering visa is being cleared shortly this year only. We submit four proposals and got clearance for two. He informed that Visa on arrival has been done for so many countries and now conference visa is in process. He said that Ministry has budget provision ICPB may submit proposal on Conference Visas etc.

Mrs. Ritu Saigal (Travel with Us)– She congratulated the team of Training Promgram Ms. Priti Khanna and Ms. Monimita Sarkar for the efforts for initiating Training & Development for MICE. There is a huge shortage for trained Staff in MICE Industry. Ministry is really to take initiative on this and look in to this. She said that we have submitted proposal to the Tourism Ministry to please interact with Skill Development Ministry as we have separate Ministry for that. She said that the push has to come from the Government for such training program. She said we as ICPB are ready to support and train the students; also we are ready to train free of cost but need Government Support for the training and development program for the MICE. Without expert staff we cannot bid for the international conference and not provide standard of services required for the International Conference. Need more trained and skilled staff for Industry.

Chairman stated that point is well taken. There are very well structured Associations like IATO, ADTOI etc. they are well structured with membership and their voice is heard. You may understand that with 100 members how much your voice would be heard. They submit proposal for the resources and cleared.

On a query from Ms. Saigal stated that I do not think that IATO etc organsiaitons have skill development program JS stated that yes they do have. For Example Golf Tourism they submit their proposal with PP Presentation and the Knowledge gap to fixed.

Mrs. Priti Khanna, MCI – In this ICPB Governing Board we have only one membership for PCO. PCO Category to be increased. Being a convention bureau we should have more participation from PCO Category on the Board. Further, as other convention bureau do, any conference query received from ICPB to be filtered and to be sent to respective Category only. PCO Category also to be recognized by the Ministry for Tourism Govt of India.

She also informed that there is a Politician Forum during IMEX – Delegation to be confirmed from India. It would be a great opportunity for India.

Chairman stated that ICPB should strengthen the secretariat and so that they are able to apply their mind they need to look in to parameter create people who may handle query and process to filter the query as per requirement. It has to be transparent. Also, ICPB should strengthen to bid for international conferences.

Chairman stated that so many invitations are thee we will see to it on priority basis.

Monimita Sarcar (K.W. Conferences Pvt. Ltd.): MDA Scheme is not available for PCO Category as PCO’s Category is not recognised category by the Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India. Ministry may consider for this.

Chairman stated that a formal proposal may be submitted to the Ministry for their consideration for reorganisation of PCO Category for MDA Grant.

Mr. Dev Malaya Banerjee from Indian Chamber of Commerce stated that this is my first interaction with ICPB as ICPB member and he thanked for impressive presentation / vision document of ICPB. Secretariat should be independent and not to be twisted from the members in terms of their deliverables. He assured that in regard to the vision document, ICC & ICPB may have joint program together. With the help of larger member base their participation would strengthen the road map of ICPB. He also stated that DONOR states (North eastern states) as destinations should also participate in the MICE program.

Chairman stated we need to find out the ways to promote tourism as destinations. Govt. of India has lot of push for MICE Tourism in India.

Capt. Swadesh Kumar suggested Road Show to be con inside with International Trade Show in the as with IMEX Frankfurt or IMEX Las Vegas etc.

On this Monimita Sarkar stated that earlier ICPB received proposal from Ms. Johana Fishers German PR Agency for Org the international Road Show. She said that we should have a agency to assure to provide a particular number of association from international associations so as to value to money for members.

Chairman stated that we are already in process for organisation of the International Road Show. He said that we have certain experience in organising domestic road show such as lesser participation if we go from India this is less than 40. He should have agency having expertise / aware about the local market should assist for organisation of international road show.

Further Chairman stated that we have fixed the Agencies for UK and China marketing who are assisting India Tourism office for marketing, mailing, publicity, promotion and identifying potential buyer / association etc. The PR agency will assist in overall organisation of the Road Show. He said the four more agencies are coming up with German market. On a query that people who market for association are very small sub segment, Chairman stated that we will work on it what we have.

He also stated that before the road show we should have our wish-list, mailer to be issued three months well in advice to members. Also have Feedback from participants. He said that, we should be much organised for the Road Show as participants / members spend their heard earned money and they should get good benefits.

Mr. Aashish Jagota (Concept Conferences) requested to consider for visa / permissions issues in regard to holding of a conference in India, also permissions with respective Ministries. He requested to get clearance from one window instead for three different ministries or provisions for permission / visa. He shared his experience and requested to resolve the problem in regard to permissions / conference visa.

Chairman stated that there are two issues visas and permissions. He stated that visa issues has been resolved we have e-visa system in place for listed countries and for few more countries are permitting shortly. As we know, Country like India there are significant number of security threats so that MHA and MEA have their system. The Ministry is pushing hard for visa on arrival, e-visa very aggressively. We may apply visa well in advance say six month before. Medical, Tourism, Conference, Adventures still have issues. He said, for conference permission from the Ministries, we are trying to squeeze the process for permissions. He further stated that we are trying to increase number of counters for visa on arrival. Further, Chairman informed that Ministry is enabling the entire counter at the Airports for e-visa and visa on arrival to facilitate visitors.

Based on presentation, Ms. Monimita Sarcar pointed out the figure shown in the presentation as $ 20000/- $ 25000/- “when we are getting this support for Major International Conference from MoT?”. On this, Vice Chairman stated that this is an example for vision to get the conference for India in coming years. If the conference is a mega conference Industry Stake Holder may join hand together.
On this Chairman stated that in future we may work on it on case to case basis also on sharing basis with state tourism and other stake holder for mega conference.

Ms. Monimita Sarkar pointed out that we received letter of support from the Ministry with great deal of effort having a line “no financial commitment” we request that letter to be provided without the comment.

Chairman stated we will look in to it. Further, he stated that we will request the all Ministries to provide the list of conference to be invited to India so that there is some database to look into it.

Vote of Thanks:
Mr. Amaresh Tiwari, Secretary ICPB requested Mr. Saurabh Bhargave, Honorary Treasure ICPB to give vote of thanks to members.

Mr. Saurabh Bhargava stated that it was very enlightening session. He informed that we would have four interactive sessions in a year. He said that next session to be announced very shortly. Further he thanked Mr. Suman Billa, Joint Sectary and Chairman ICPB for their valuable suggestions. He thanked Capt Swadesh Kumar Past Vice Chairman ICPB for his continuous support and requested for further support to ICPB. He thanked to all the members present during the meeting. Further He also thanks Hyatt Regency for their courtesy for hosting the meeting and hi-tea at their venue. He also thanked the ICPB secretariat for grand success of the meeting.

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